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Meet Pam Velasquez

Pam’s passion for people and life is inspiring and contagious. She is the Founder & CEO of Courage-Ignited Leadership Academy, a professional development company that provides leadership inspiration and training for individuals in sport, school and community who aspire to bring their leadership and influence to the greater professional world. 

Pam has spent a magical 20+ years leading, mentoring, and connecting with over 10K young adults and thousands of staff and teams each year.

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International Best Selling Author, Intuitive and Medium, Breakthrough & Results Coach, Eileen is fearless. She holds nothing back and dares to say what others won't. She loves to work with clients who are ready to play full out and learn how to think and get rich.

As a Certified Napoleon Hill Instructor, and a Robbins-Madanes Certified Coach, with a speciality in business, Eileen guides clients to the results they want. By identifying the blindspots that hold them back, they release what’s not working, and move powerfully with a plan into who they truly are.

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