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Meet Pam Velasquez

Pam’s passion for people and life is inspiring and contagious. She is the Founder & CEO of Courage-Ignited Leadership Academy, a professional development company that provides leadership inspiration and training for individuals in sport, school and community who aspire to bring their leadership and influence to the greater professional world. 

Pam has spent a magical 20+ years leading, mentoring, and connecting with over 10K young adults and thousands of staff and teams each year. She states that seeing individuals rise to their potential and power has been her greatest joy and success. She encourages your voice to be heard and your leadership to be seen in the world today.  Pam is known for her fun, interactive and heartfelt – equal parts informational, inspirational, and transformational leadership training experiences. She is a phenomenal Keynote speaker and advocate of Special Olympics. Her upcoming book, Confident and Capable — Breaking Down Barriers to Ignite Courage and Inspire Action, is expected to be released in 2023. Pam will challenge you to take your leadership and personal happiness to the next level! GAME ON!

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