Just like us, you want results. We get it.

That's why we created The Feminine Mastermind. 

It'll transform your results, and your life. 

We're Pam & Eileen - AKA: A little bit of Fun and a whole lot of Badass.

After being in the coaching world for more than 20 years we've seen how people simply don't get the results they want, even though they're promised the moon and everything under it. 

That ends now.  

This program is designed to get you results, and we are so certain that this works that you get to try it for 15 days RISK-FREE. 

It's time to live the life you want. Let's go. 

What happens in The Feminine Mastermind?

$597.00/month for 3-months

  • Blindspot Identification: Uncover precisely what's holding you back and get proven strategies to move you forward with 2x 60 mins 1-on-1 Deep Dive Intuitive Coaching calls a month. 
  • Goal Setting & Tracking: Using our ImpactTracker most people achieve the goals they set with this system.
  • Hold-your-hand support: Get guidance, be heard, be seen, be understood, be successful. 
  • Learn anytime: Access the Make Epic Shifts Happen Program to sharpen your skills and mindset. 
  • Join a community: Surround yourself with amazing women on our bi-weekly Power Hours where we train on everything from mindset to result strategies. 
  • Level up your productivity: Every week you'll be invited to master consistency with our Action Hours where we open up a Zoom room to take massive action and create results.

The Feminine Mastermind opens November 14th!

Reserve your seat now!

* Limited spots available *


Meet your pattern interrupts...  

We're Eileen MacDonell, Intuitive Breakthrough & Results Coach and International Best Selling Author, and Pam Velasquez, Intuitive Breakthrough & Results Coach, CEO and Founder of Courage Ignited. Together we have more than 20 years of training and coaching experience and have transformed the lives of thousands. 

We're relentlessly committed to your transformation

This program was built for YOU because we've been exactly where you are. We needed to let go of the self-doubt, let go of the self-judgment, let go of holding ourselves back because of other people might think. Something deep was missing in our lives.

So, we decided to say fck it! And go after what sets our souls on fire. That's what got us here. 

This is what you can do too... 

Take a look at who's getting results...