What happens in The Feminine Mastermind?

$697.00/month for 3-months

  • Blindspot Identification: Uncover precisely what's holding you back and get proven strategies to move you forward with 2x 60 mins 1-on-1 Deep Dive Intuitive Coaching calls a month. 
  • Goal Setting & Tracking: Using our ImpactTracker most people achieve the goals they set with this system.
  • Hold-your-hand support: Get guidance, be heard, be seen, be understood, be successful. 
  • Join a community: Surround yourself with amazing women on our bi-weekly Power Hours where we train on everything from mindset to result strategies. 
  • Level up your productivity: Every week you'll be invited to master consistency with our Action Hours where we open up a Zoom room to take massive action and create results.

Enrolment into The Feminine Mastermind begins March 1st!

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Eileen MacDonell is an Intuitive and Medium, Breakthrough & Results Coach, and two-time International Best-Selling Author. She is fiercely passionate about helping women explore and expand their physical, emotional, & spiritual awareness. Courageous, connected, and loving, Eileen is known for seeing things others don’t, and eliminating self-sabotaging thoughts & beliefs so everyone can step into their power, create abundance, and live their best life.

It's important that you know that you're working with someone who holds space for your greatness, someone you can trust and feel safe with. Eileen opens her calendar for high-flame breakthrough coaching calls. If you want to know if she's the right coach for you, grab a spot on her calendar.


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